Here is an overview of our plans for MATCLUB. Browse the list below of Completed projects as well as In-Progress and Planned projects we are working on.

MATCLUB App Launch – In Progress

We are launching a native mobile app solution for MATCLUB. This will allow members to launch our own native mobile app on their own App Store accounts for both iOS and Android.

Block Members and Report Content – Completed

Moderation component allows Blocking and Reporting for members in the network. Members can block other members, so they do not have to see any of their content. Members can also report inappropriate content to be auto-hidden and then moderated by an administrator.

Activity/Edit – Completed

Allow members to edit their activity posts, with the ability to modify the post’s text content, photos, documents, and privacy.

Cover Photos/Repositioning – Completed

Members can easily reposition their Profile and Group cover photos after uploading them, so they can make sure the images always look perfect.

Zoom Integration – Completed

Members can schedule Zoom meetings within social groups, with a list of upcoming and past Zoom meetings, and the ability to watch recordings from completed meetings.

Media/Documents – Completed

Our Documents system supports uploading of documents into activity, profiles, groups, messages and forum replies. The documents library behaves similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, with files that can be easily organized into folders. In the activity feed, uploaded documents display as live previews.

Privacy Options – Completed

Members can select the privacy of their activity posts from a dropdown, so they can choose who is able to view each post. We extended these privacy options into media, albums and documents.

Editor/Formatting – Completed

We improved the text formatting options in the editors in Activity, Messages, and Forums. You can now easily add formatting for Bold, Italics, Lists, Quotes, Links, and Code Blocks.

Groups/Messages – In Progress

Allow group organizers and moderators to quickly send messages to all of their group’s members from within the social group. They can choose to message all group members at once, or to select individual group members as recipients.

Forums/@mentions – Completed

You can @mention other members in forums, with a dropdown auto-suggest box showing suggested members, and notifications for when you are mentioned in a forum.

Profile Completion – Completed

Configure Profile Completion widget to display each member’s progress as they complete their profile. This will encourage our members to add all of their profile data and upload their profile/cover photos.

Profiles/View – Completed

Customize the display of our member directories, with options to display profiles in Grid View, List View, or in both views with the ability to toggle between them.

Groups/View – Completed

Customize the display of our group directories, with options to display groups in Grid View, List View, or in both views with the ability to toggle between them.

Activity/Tab Options – Completed

Optionally display our site activity separated into tabs based on activity type.

User Blog – Completed

User Blogs allows our members to easily publish their own blog posts from the frontend, and see each other’s blog posts on their profiles.

Activity/Follow – Completed

Allow members to follow each other’s social activity.

Profiles/Type – Completed

Profile Types allow our members to self-select their Profile Type (Coach, Athlete, etc) during registration and while editing their profile, via a profile field.

Activity/Likes – Completed

Allow members to like each other’s activity with a thumbs up button.

Media/Emoji – In Progress

Members can use our Emoji picker to quickly add emoji (also known as emoticons) throughout the network, supported in activity feeds, groups, messages and forum replies.

Media/Animated GIFs – In Progress

GIFs allow our members to have fun sharing animated images that express how they feel, increasing member engagement. We’re working on supporting animated GIFs throughout the network, in activity feeds, groups, messages and forum replies.

Profiles/Types – Completed

Easily separate our members by their profile type. For example, you could have some members as Coaches and others as Athletes, and then customize their profile fields based on their profile type.

Messages – Completed

Modern and intuitive Private Messaging experience, allowing users to send threaded messages to each other within the website. We also support media within messages, including photo uploads, emojis and animated GIFs.

Groups/Types – Completed

Organize social groups by type, such as Fan Groups, Courses, Teams and other types that make sense for our community.

Email Invites – Completed

Our Email Invites component allows members to send email invitations to non-members to join your community. This is a very useful feature in growing our member count and inviting potential users.

Forum Discussions – Completed

Our platform comes with a forums component, allowing members to set up standalone forums, and to attach forum discussions to social groups.

Network Search – Completed

Our Network Search component allows you to search everything within our network, including all social content and any post types, all in an autocomplete drop-down with filterable search results.