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SCUFFLE! – The Wrestling Card Game Of No Excuses


ACTION (Activity)

Color: Blue, Yellow, Green

Setup attacks by placing card on board. Defend attacks by placing card from hand on top of opponent’s scoring card.

End of turn.

SCORING (Position)

Color: Gray

Play by placing on top of an action card on board. Defend by placing action card from hand on top of opponent’s scoring card.

End of turn.


Color: Red

Play on top of an action card already placed on the board. Opponent cannot defend. Refer tp penalty chart for multiple infractions.

End of turn.


Color: Black

Play by placing card in discard pile. Redraw one card. Play again.

End Of Period – Both players discard hands and redraw new cards. Play again after opponent selects position choice.

Repeat turn.

Card Anatomy


Place Position Card and Penalty & Stalling Chart Card on play area so both players may refer to. Remove all Blank Cards and QR Code Card from deck. Shuffle deck and deal each player seven cards. The rest of the cards are placed in the Draw Pile face down. Next to the pile a space should be designated for a Discard Pile. Refer to diagram example below for game layout.

Example of Playing Area


DEALER – Flip a coin to decide who will start the game as the dealer. Dealer deals the first card to opponent first, but will start with the first turn to begin each period. The player who plays an End Of Period Card will become the dealer to start the next period.

TURN – One card must be laid down in play or in discard pile to end a players turn. Player then redraws back to 7 cards in their hand.

ACTIVITY ROW – Used to setup attacks. Up to 3 Action Cards may be in play at any time. Any combination of colors can be used.

ATTACK – A Scoring Card, in the correct position, must be played on an Action Card (previously played in activity row) of the color marked in the left coaching corner.

DEFEND – An Action Card may be played on top of opponent’s Scoring Card. Must be played from the hand and of the color marked in the right coaching corner of opponent’s Scoring Card to defend attack.

SCORE BOARD – A Scoring Card played on top of an Action Card that cannot be defended is pushed up to the score board row to reflect that points have been scored.

ORDER OF PLAY – Marked as clockwise and counter-clockwise icons in the bottom corners of each card. Clockwise rotation means end of turn. Counter-clockwise rotation means redraw and play again.


Before starting each period, both players are dealt 7 cards and before play begins each player may choose to lay down up to 3 Action Cards in their activity row (as designated in the diagram above) then redraw back to 7 cards in their hand. The dealer will then get first turn.

Players will rotate between turns, redrawing back to 7 cards in their hands after placing a card in the play area.

Push successful attacks from the activity row up into the score board row. After each score remember to rotate the Position Card to its proper placement for each player.

Reference the Penalty & Stalling Chart Card when multiple Infraction Cards are in play. Players can be DQ’d.

End Of Period Cards – Must be played in the discard pile to end any period. Both players will discard their hands in the discard pile. All Action Cards on the play area stay. The player that played the End Of Period Card is now the dealer for the next period. Starting with opponent, deal 7 cards to each player. Players may choose to lay up to 3 Action Cards in their activity row before the start of the period. Players will then redraw back to 7 cards. Opponent gets choice of position to start period. Rotate Position Card to reflect choice. Dealer will start period with the first turn.

WBF (Win By Fall), DQ by multiple infractions, tech fall of 15pts difference in score, or the higher score at end of 3 periods is declared the winner.

Overtime Play – If at the end of 3 periods and the score is tied continue with another period. Repeat start of period procedures as before. The player that played the End Of Period Card will be the dealer and go first, however opponent does not select choice in overtime. The overtime period will begin in the neutral position and first player to score will be declared winner. End Of Period Cards cannot be played in overtime. Match must end with a score.