MATCLUB’s Sportsbook is your source for the best wrestling-based betting entertainment. You’ll find a wide variety of bets and odds throughout popular wrestling competitions including NCAA, RTC, UWW action and more.

How It Works

Every MATCLUB member gets 1000 points to begin each leaderboard. Leaderboards are basically betting seasons, which reset each month typically. 

Go to BETTINGS in the above navigation menu, there you will see the offered bettings. Review the bettings and click the red button of your choice that you wish to place a bet on. You will be directed to the SLIP component on the page. In the “stake” box enter the amount of points you wish to place your bet, then hit submit.

In the navigation menu you can review all placed bets under SLIPS. After each offered betting competition ends, we’ll update the results and all members’ winnings/losings. 

We suggest to research betting terminology to educate yourself how to read the lines for each offered competition. All lines are determined using a third party website that uses data analysis for projecting outcomes based on previous results.