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A Game Of No Excuses

Challenge your rival to a wrestling match in this card game of no excuses – SCUFFLE!

This 2-Player game includes 126 playing cards and tuck box. Each player strategically plays cards of four types – Action, Scoring, Infraction, and Match Conduct to attack and defend against their opponent’s cards. Game play is modeled like a real wrestling match, e.g. cards can only be played from the proper positions. Unless you get caught on your back, matches can go the full three periods and overtime. If you’re from a wrestling family or even a fan, you’re going to enjoy playing this card game.

It started just over a year ago, a good friend of mine and fellow coach would visit me in my classroom every day and we’d talk about wrestling. I can’t recall exactly how we got on the topic but I remember us playing around with an online wrestling arcade game he showed me, and it reminded me of an old wrestling card game I had 40 years ago. I explained it to him the best I could remember, and he agreed it sounded fun and wished it was still available because he could see his family and friends playing it around the kitchen table. That was the spark.

I spent the next week exploring popular card decks like Pokémon and others, which I’m a little embarrassed to admit; but I was researching gameplay methods of various card games on the market. I then began playing with integrating wrestling into what I discovered and surprisingly I was shocked how it could easily work. My friend and I would spend the next few weeks of testing and modifying the gameplay and rules with a very rough draft of a deck made from cut up pieces of printer paper with handwritten text on each to represent each card. After we finally agreed it could actually work, I began designing the first proof of concept deck we could laminate and play with when he visited since our original deck was becoming very worn and torn.

I took that laminated deck to my family Thanksgiving dinner in 2022 for the first time. Almost everyone in my family wrestles of have wrestled before. They loved it! It was then I was asked, “You should sell this! Everyone will buy it.” Say no more.

In 2023 I redesigned the entire deck as it is today while researching suppliers that would manufacture the game for me. After months of design and development my first shipment of 300 SCUFFLE! decks finally arrived. Needlessly to say the excitement I had to actually see this thing come to fruition was an amazing feeling for me. What started as a simple exercise to kill time with my friend and talk wrestling has now been bought and shared with other wrestling families to enjoy.

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