Catering to the obsessive culture of man's oldest sport, the wrestling and apparel brand Matclub has carved out a very successful niche for its products. Today, Matclub has established itself as one of the foremost lifestyle brands within the sport, boasting collaborations with companies and athletes alike, as well as record-breaking sellout times of its newly released products.

Given the enormous amount of success that the brand has enjoyed over the past few years alone, it should come as little surprise that the Matclub logo is emerging as one of the most recognizable logos on the mat.

The Origins

The very first Matclub store was opened by Jamie Cochran in 2001. The main purpose of the store was to sell products from other brands that were popular among the wrestling community. As for the products that Jamie made available in his store, the Matclub brand stocked its own line of clothing and wrestling supplies as well as clothing from a number of other brands such as Adidas, Cliff Keen, Asics, Champion, and many others.

As the popularity of the Matclub brand grew, Jamie began to actually collaborate with companies within the sport rather than just stocking their products. Today, Matclub's brand style is frequently displayed on a number of popular brands, including Nike, Adidas, Asics, Champion and others to create products that features both the style of Matclub as well as the branding of the company that they are collaborating with.

The popularity of the Matclub brand continues to grow. Today, new lines of Matclub products are renowned for selling out quickly. The fact that Matclub only releases short runs of new products has played a large role in these record sellout times and very high profit margins.

Of course, the iconic Matclub logo can certainly be tied to much of the success that the company has enjoyed.